Deployment Of 5G Technology In Nigeria Begins, NCC Claims

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has started the process of deploying 5G technology in the country.

Professor Umar Danbatta, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission, said this during a public hearing in Abuja on the draft Frequency Spectrum (fees and pricing, and yearly operating charge) Regulations.

Danbatta stated that the Commission has completed all essential steps while waiting for final approval from the Federal Government to roll out 5G services.

He explained that the rollout was preceded by a series of pre-trial rollouts conducted by MTN networks.

He told the crowd that the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy has given Airtel networks permission to perform pre-trial roll exercises as well.

Since the three frequency bands required for 5G coverage have been assigned, Danbatta believes Nigeria cannot afford to fall behind some other nations that have rolled out the services in line with the sector’s dynamics and global demand for innovative technology.

In her opening remarks, the Director of Legal and Regulatory Services of the Nigerian Communications Commission, Ms. Josephine Amuwa stated that in order to ensure that the regulatory instruments issued by the Commission are abreast with developments in the industry, the Commission has decided to review the Annual Operating Regulations 2014 and the Frequency Pricing Regulations 2004.

“The objective of this Public Inquiry is to secure the buy-in of all Stakeholders and ensure the efficacy of the regulatory instruments when implemented” Ms. Amuwa said.

She reassured that that the Commission, through the Legal and Regulatory Services (LRS) Department, will continue to review legislations and ensure they align with changing realities and further ensure that the Industry is rooted in strong regulations and policies.

The Executive Commissioner for Technical Standards, Engr. Ubale Maska, the Executive Commissioner for Stakeholder Management, Mr. Adeleke Adewolu, Directors, Deputy and Assistant Directors, as well as External Stakeholders, were all present at the event.

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