APC Congress: No room for Imposition in Enugu

With the start of its elective congresses at All Progression Congress, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, Nigeria’s foreign minister, assured on Sunday that none of the party members will be imposed in the Enugu State at any level.

Recall that a time table for congresses has been set up by the Party, with first the ward election, which will be followed by local government and state elections.

Onyeama said that the people’s decision would be respected at a meeting he convened Sunday for members of the party in the Enugu West Senating Zone.

The Minister, which lamented that the party had been paralyzed by the crisis for years, said it was time to do it.

“It is important we have unity of purpose, we have our individual ambitions, it is expected, but it should not be totally about individuals.

“I don’t believe in imposing opinions, views, or preferences. We have to try, to have a transparent, open system.

“You are all very important personalities, and stakeholders, so, this is an opportunity to hear from you, let it be consensual, divided we will all fall.

“APC has been looked upon as a joke in the State in the last 5-6 years. APC in Enugu State has faced so much crisis but this is not time to apportion blames, we have to move forward,” Onyeama said.

While calling for a peaceful process, he said, “We can disagree, but we cannot disagree. On the subject of zoning and other things, I hope that we will be able to find a consensus.”

In a similar note, Barr. Sullivan Chime, a former governor of the State of Enugu, said that the effect would be disastrous if the Party did not succeed at this time.

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“The ward elections will be held this month and everybody should go and find something else as a party if we fail this time around. If we have something to achieve in 2023, now is the time.

“We must change, we can’t win elections like this, that’s the problem of PDP, it happened to them in 2014, when many governors left, it is happening to them again.

“So, there is no doubt about what will happen in presidential election, APC will win that easily, what we are talking about is State.

“What can we do to move this party forward? As a former Governor, our experience that moved our party forward, there were many demi-gods in PDP, but all that changed when we came, we gave everyone opportunity to participate, imposition disappeared, we allowed the people to choose and come and tell us, those who knew nobody became somebody, people had opportunity to contest without godfathers.

“That’s the type of politics we played, without bitterness, but the type of politics in APC is strange to me, so much acrimony,” he said.

Chime said that to advance the party, “As members of the party executive, all those who have held one position or another should give way at all levels of the State we must get brand new faces.

“I don’t think we can go ahead with a factional leadership, we want to see the camps disappear, we don’t want camps, factions.

“We don’t have to force people to impose things, a lot of people will have us identity. When we introduce a person as President of the State party, we have to get somebody with credulity, clout, character, ready to absorb insult, leave the interests of our people, avoid personal gains.”

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