Why Google Delete Adamu Garba’s Crowwe App

Former presidential aspirant and staunch supporter of Buahri’s Twitter ban Adamu Garba has reacted to news that Google deleted his Crowwe App from Playstore.

Garba has denied the report saying it’s fake news and should disregarded.


Adamu Garba who appeared so excited to hear the news about Twitter ban in Nigeria urged Nigerians to move to his Crowwe App and have peace but unfortunately for him, Google has deleted the App he’s been making noise about on its app Playstore.

While reacting to the report, Adamu Garba said, “it’s fake news that Google has deleted his App on Google Playstore and that it’s a bug they’ve identified that is bothering Andriod contact generation and they took the App down themselves.

According to him, “they are working on updating their code and will restore the App back again once everything is done therefore those claiming Google removed it are liars and the news about that is also fake.

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Adamu Garba added that they requested the App should be removed from Google Playstore to prevent further download due to the bugs and they will come back soon to Crowwe to the world like never before.


Adamu Garba is part of those who were jubilating after the FG banned Twitter in Nigeria thinking his App Crowwe was going to take over but was disappointed when Nigerians refused to download the App and now it seems it’s down.

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