Sen. Bulkachuwa to South-East — “We’ll Give You Another Civil War”

It seems Buhari is not alone in his threat concerning fighting another civil war. Senator Bulkachuwa also shares his sentiments.

Senator Adamu Bulkachuwa, Chairman of the senate committee on Foreign relations has stated that Nigeria is ready to go to war with the South-east over its demand for a sovereign state — Biafra.

The senator said the Nigerian government is not willing to “give them their wish”.

In an interview with channels, he said: “There are people who feel democracy is not good enough for them and they want to devise their own means of belonging to this entity called Nigeria and if they don’t have their wish, they’ll let Nigeria go to pieces,” he said on Channels Television. So is that anything that the constitution allows or encourages? So they’re absolutely outside the realm of the constitution.”

“They’re just rebels, arsonists and criminals in short. So, what are we going to consider to even give them a chance to come and say their wish and let Nigeria tremble and bow before them and say ‘okay, we’ve granted you your wish.”

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“Those insurgency in the Southeast, they’re all claiming that they want their own country called Biafra right? If that is the case, is it by killing people that they’ll get their country? They’ve tried it before, do they want us to go back to the same route? I don’t think so. But if they do, if that’s what they choose, has Nigeria got any choice?”

Will we just allow them, bow and say, ‘we’ll grant you your own wish?’‘ No. Nigerian government has to stand out, fight them and give them what they want.”

He added that all the violence occurring around the country was because of the upcoming 2023 elections adding that he does not believe in zoning the presidency to any region.

Do you think his threat holds water?

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