Nigerians React to Call for Change of Name to the United African Republic

United African Republic!!! Have you ever thought of a name change for Nigeria? Do you fancy one or you like to stick to the name ” Nigeria”. Well, the Nigerian legislative house is currently working on that and you just never know — we might have a new name for our country.

Adeleye Jokotoye, a tax consultant, submitted the proposal to the committee at the South West Zonal Public Hearing in Lagos on Wednesday, June 2, 2021.While presenting the proposal, he said Nigeria’s current name was an imposition of its past colonial masters and should be changed.

He strongly believes that a change would mark a new beginning for Nigeria.

“At this crossroads in our history, it is mandatory that we change our name to reflect a new beginning which will be ushered in with a new constitution,” he said.

Explaining why he chose United African Republic, Jokotoye said Nigeria is made up of hundreds of ethnic groups that need to be united.As an alternative, he suggested that Nigeria could also choose United Alkebulan Republic (meaning: United Mother of Mankind Republic) as its new name.

The Nigerian Twitter community in its usual manner has reacted in an amusing manner to this recent development:

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Pious Hunter tweeted: So Nigeria have reached it’s loan limits so they want to change it’s name to United African Republic in other to start deceiving them and start afresh

Ada -eze tweeted: The problem of Nigeria is not the name but the foundation. Changing Nigeria’s name to United African Republic is like when NEPA changed its name to PHCN, still no light. It’s time we stop being Delusional and start facing reality that the only solution to Nigeria is separation.

Rhamzy tweeted: Is it because countries like United States , united kingdom , united Arab Emirates are successful that’s why they want to NIGERIA to UNITED AFRICAN REPUBLIC

Orange Heart tweeted: Today Biafra
Tomorrow Nigeria
Now United African Republic

My own be say make I see food chop
Where I dey no concern me las las
Google go find my location 

Well, very funny reactions from Nigerians concerning the name change. But do we really need a name change at the moment?

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