Nigeria Could Earn $4.5bn Annually Exporting Mushrooms

Mushrooms seem to be of strong economic importance and is certainly not a product to be ignored. It has been gathered that Nigeria is targeting to earn $4.53 billion annually from export of mushrooms to the international market.

This was disclosed yesterday by the National President of the Mushroom Growers, Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria, MGPMAN Chief Michael Awunor, at the inaugural summit of the association held in Abuja, Nigeria.

Awunor told the summit that the world mushroom market as of the end of 2020 stood at about $45.3bn and Nigeria is determined to earn 10 percent of it.

“It is estimated that the mushroom sub-sector along the value chain could provide 16 million skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled jobs to the teeming unemployed universities, polytechnics and colleges of education graduates, vulnerable youths and women,” he said.

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Enough of the Nigerian youths focused on oil, white- collar jobs or some other saturated industries. It is high time they also looked at growing mushroom for commercial and export purposes.

It is high time young persons looked beyond the normal and do something different. Exporting mushroom could just be one of them.

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