Nigeria to be the African Leader in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain

Nigeria is not yet a major player in technology; especially in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. This has led to calls from bodies and persons for the Nigerian government to invest in science and technology.

Despite this, the Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency, NITDA, Kashifu Inuwa has claimed that Nigeria will lead other African countries in Artificial Intelligence, AI and Blockchain technology.

He said this would lead to the economic diversification of the continent.

Inuwa made the assertion on Wednesday at the virtual Digital Africa Conference and Exhibition 2021 where he spoke on “Building a New Africa with AI and Blockchain.”

He stressed that the federal government was working tirelessly to achieve the feat.

This is particularly good news since Artificial intelligence and Blockchain are budding industries that would gain global relevance in the nearest future.

Speaking at a virtual Digital Africa Conference and Exhibition 2021, yesterday, the NITDA boss, who exuded confidence in his belief that Nigeria will lead Africa in its economic diversification, noted that artificial intelligence and blockchain technology will assist immensely in that regard.

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He said, “Africa, particularly Nigeria, with a growing population and dwindling revenue from oil, have put significant pressure on the economy. There is a need to harness other areas to diversify our economy. Emerging technology is one of these areas, and will play an important role in economic diversification, if properly harnessed.”

“It is pertinent to note that despite the economic shocks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the growth was observed in the economies with viable digital economies,’’ he said.

He emphasised that Digital economy has been identified as an engine of growth adding that Nigeria can harness it as a driver of growth and innovation.

It would great move for the Nigerian government if it invests in Artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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