Naftali Bennett Becomes New Israeli Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu has lost his position in prime minister after twelve years of being Israeli prime minister. Netanyahu who lost to Naftali Bennett after the parliament voted in favour of a formation of a new coalition government.

Right-wing nationalist Naftali Bennett, the “man of the moment” has been sworn in as prime minister, leading a “government of change”. He will lead an unprecedented coalition of parties which was approved with a razor-thin majority of 60-59.

Mr Bennett will be prime minister until September 2023 as part of a power-sharing deal.

After two years in office, he would then hand over power to Yair Lapid, leader of the centrist Yesh Atid, for a further two years.After the vote, Mr Netanyahu walked over to Mr Bennett and shook his hand.

Despite being out of his political position, Netanyahu would still remain relevant in Israel’s politics as Israel’s longest serving leader would become head of the right-wing Likud party and become leader of the opposition.

However, Palestinian representatives in their usual manner have disregarded the new Israeli political arrangement.

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“This is an internal Israeli affair. Our position has always been clear, what we want is a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital,” a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said.

“It is an occupation and a colonial entity, which we should resist by force to get our rights back,” said a spokesman for Hamas, the Islamist group that controls Gaza.

US President Joe Biden has already sent his congratulations to Mr Bennett, saying he looks forward to working with him.

Congratulations to Mr. Bennett! We hope he is able to lead the state of Israel for the first two years and deal decisively with Israeli opposition.

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