Manchester United to Seal Jadon Sancho Deal Says Jones

A report says Manchester United are close to signing Borussia Dortmund winger, Jadon Sancho, this summer.

This is according to Dean Jones, a highly revered football expert.

For Jones, Manchester United is very “confident” that Sancho, 21, is arriving sooner rather than later with a deal set at around £80 million maximum.

“The Jadon Sancho vibe is still good from Manchester United’s angle,” Jones told The Football Terrace Podcast.

“It is hard to get a proper grasp of where we are at in terms of a fee. But I am still told £80 million is really the ceiling for United, they are very keen not to be seen to be going over that.

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“And however this settles, they would like it to be reported as an £80 million transfer and no more than that.

“That is what I have been told and that is what the club has been saying for some time now.”

“I was speaking to someone [from Manchester United] yesterday who said the next storyline would be, does he get the No.7 shirt? People are getting so confident and there’s more of a willingness on both sides to get it done now.”

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