Emerging Details Reveal Super TV CEO Was Not Killed by Only Chidinma

According to new information, the late Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga was not assassinated only by Chidinma, a 21-year-old UNILAG student.

Dr. Isi Ataga said on Monday that his brother, Super TV CEO Usifo Ataga, was chained, gagged, and tortured before being rubbed out.

According to NG Times Online News, the deceased’s body was discovered in a hotel room where he had spent the night with Chidinma Ojukwu, a 300-level student at the University of Lagos, who admitted to killing him.

In a statement headlined, “Who will speak for Usifo Ataga?” Isi asks, “Who will speak for Usifo Ataga?” questioned if the murder was committed by a single individual due to the method in which it was carried out.

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He said, “Usifo died a horrific death. He wasn’t stabbed two or even five times; he was stabbed multiple times. His hands were bound tightly and the marks were still all over his wrists, accompanied by evidence of torture and assault even as his corpse lay in the morgue.

“And no one in the entire building heard his screams because he was gagged. Let that sink in, he was bound, gagged and tortured!

“The now-viral video of the room with the deceased lying on the floor shows a room with blood-stained walls and floor, evidence of a ferocious struggle. One person could never have carried these out.”

Scene UNILAG Student Stabbed Usifo Ataga To Death (Video)

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