Big Brother Naija Reunion – Too Many Ugly Secrets

The Big Brother Naija Reunion has been one of so many controversies. Everyone’s ugly secret seems to be have been exposed to the public. So far, it has been quite dramatic.

We had the ugly story of Ka3na mocking Prince as a ” five seconds man. According to the former Big Brother Naija housemate, she only decided to sleep with him ( Prince) after she overheard a conversation where he boasted that he would not get down with a girl like her and that she only slept with him to spite him. In her words she said: “I lured him to my bed and fucked him and he didn’t even last 5 seconds, I left in the room and went to the sitting room to chill”

Prince accused her of chasing clout and not presenting the story in a sincere manner.The reality show star noted that he lied about having sex with Lucy because he had a relationship at the time of the incident.

“It’s good to chase clout with your 15 minutes. When I came out of the house, she called someone to plead with me that I should not tell the world that we had sex.”

This happened immediately after I left the house. That was why I lied during my post-eviction interview. But after the house, I told Tolanibaj, Kiddwaya and Prince the truth.” he added.

However, Ka3na responded saying she told him to lie because she was not ready to talk about it.

Another controversial story is the story of Dorathy allegedly giving Brighto a blowjob. Fellow house mate, Wathoni had spilled the beans. While the revealed secret excited some fans, it shocked some considering the calm and composed nature of Dorothy in the house; no one expected her to put up with such act.Dora was heard explaining her part on her “failed friendship” with Ozo and Brighto. While speaking, Wathoni began to interrupt her and Dora fired back at her. 

Dora also gave a notice that if Wathoni speaks while she is speaking, she would walk out of the show. The two ladies began to use too many expletive words. 

In the process, Wathoni revealed that Dora gave Brighto a blowjob while they were in the house. She says:

“The same girl that gave him a blowjob.”

Brighto who appears to be the man of the moment was reported to have fingered Wathoni during his time at the house.

Dorathy also revealed that she never really loved Ozo. She said: “Everybody thinks I had feelings for him when he knew that I liked Prince at that time. I did not have any feelings for Ozo and I do not know where all of this is coming from; maybe because of the kind of person that I am.

“I am very open; when you give me a lot of attention, I will be there. He was my friend at that time; he comes to me to tell me things, and as my friend, I stand by him. It seemed to affect my relationship with Nengi because my friend comes to tell me something about a person and I was like, ‘what’s wrong with this babe?”

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“He put me in a bad position because coming outside, I started seeing a lot of stories. I remember talking to him and I told him I feel he is the one playing the game between us. That is one of the reasons why I don’t

“You come to me, tell me things; I talk to you and you go back to tell Nengi. Is that what friendship is? You bring your problems to me; I talk to you about it and you go back to tell the person. Do you know how hurtful that is?”

Ozo, in response, accused Dorathy of putting things in Nengi’s head.

He said, “I know I mentioned the part where Dora put me up for eviction, but I didn’t even see that as an issue. I did see you (Dorathy) as my friend and you are talking to a girl that I liked the whole time that I was in the house.

In the conversation, you were like ‘you do not even know what he is doing and all that’. You were putting things in the girl’s head.”

Nengi also stated that coming out of the house, she felt some resentment towards Dorathy.

She said, “I was watching the clips and I saw where Dorathy said things like ‘Nengi is an attention-seeking b*tch. Anything I do, she is trying to do.’

We can’t have too much of the secrets of the Big Brother Naija Reunion housemates ; there are certainly going to be many secrets to be uncovered.

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