Buhari Tells Youth to ‘Behave’ if They Want Jobs

Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, has told the Nigerian youths to “behave” if they really want jobs.

The president said this on Thursday while speaking in an interview with Arise TV, stating that security is essential in order for investment in the country, where unemployment rose to 33.3% in the fourth quarter.

“Nobody is going to invest in an insecure environment. So I told them, I said they should tell the youth that if they want jobs, they will behave themselves,” Buhari said. “Make sure that the area is secure. So that people can come in and invest.”

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Buhari has also faced criticism over rising violence in nearly every region of the nation. Armed gunmen have kidnapped more than 700 students in the northwest since December, Islamist attacks in the northeast have worsened, and there have been attacks across the country that have burned down police stations and killed officers.

Parliament in April called on the presidency, armed forces and police to address the security crisis and some urged Buhari to declare a state of emergency.

Are the Nigerian youths the cause of insecurity in the country? How has the president taking concrete steps to curb insecurity in Nigeria and encouraged foreign investors? These are the questions we should ask the president?

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