UEFA Champions League: Chelsea’s Nigeria Supporters Take to the Street

Chelsea’s Nigeria Supporters have taken to the street to celebrate the victory of their club against the Premier League champions Manchester City.

Chelsea supporters across the globe have celebrated the club’s victory in the UEFA Champions League match against the Premier League champions, Man City. But some Nigerians have their unique way of showing support.

The Chelsea’s victory against Man City is one that came as a surprise to bookmakers who believe Man City will nail Chelsea at Porto on the night.

Recall Chelsea have done a double on Man City both in the Premier League and FA Cup to be a clear favourite yet many still never gave the London club the chance until the final result.

You will recall NG Times reported some supporters bought cows to show solidarity for the club ahead of the UEFA Champions League match.

See below highlights of how it went down with Nigeria Supporters;


Congratulations to Chelsea supporters across the globe.

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