Thierry Henry Confirms Intention to Purchase Arsenal

Daniel Ek, the owner of Spotify, has “reached out” to the Kroenkes to make an offer to purchase Arsenal, according to Thierry Henry.

Before the end of the week, Ek is expected to make an offer for the Gunners worth about £1.8 billion.

He is optimistic that Kroenke will consider the bid, and he has Thierry Henry ‘s and other Arsenal legends’ support, including Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp.

“I know a lot of people wanted to learn about [the takeover],” Henry said on Monday Night Football.

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“It is right. Daniel is a die-hard Arsenal supporter. He didn’t say anything to gain attention. He has been a long-time Arsenal supporter.

“He already contacted [the Kroenkes] and said that he had gathered the funds to ensure that he could make a competitive bid.

“I believe it will be long and difficult – if it ever happens,” he said. I’d like to emphasize that Daniel will not be moving away; he will remain in the region, waiting to see if they want to sell.”

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