Sexual Assault: Reactions Trail Release of Baba Ijesha

The rape case of popular actor Olanrewaju James, popularly known as Baba Ijesha is one which has achieved quite some notoriety on social media in recent times prompting massive criticism for his actions. As usual, his actions led to everyone crucifying him and know one cared about looking at the flipside.

Despite the widespread condemnation and hostile stance towards Baba Ijesa over the rape allegation of an underage girl of 14 years old, Yomi Fabiyi remained fearless and stood by him. Things might have looked bleak initially with the CCTV footage making the rounds on social media but Yomi remained unfazed and supported Baba Ijesa despite all odds.

Recall he was vibrant, active, and bold enough to do this, yet his effort paid off at the end of the day as Baba Ijesha was granted bail on May 17, 2021. It is a big relief and triumph for Baba Ijesha and for Yomi Fabiyi.

For a case that seemed to be deteriorating, no one saw the possibilities of a bail. It should be however noted that the bail was given on health grounds. Baba Ijesha had pleaded for a bail on the basis that he was traumatised and growing lean in jail.

However, some Nigerians have gone to their social media handles to make mockery of Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, after the actress’ s condemnation of Baba Ijesha’s actions.

Below are some interesting tweets on Baba Ijesa ‘s bail;

Thee Big Deal tweeted: If you’re here poking fun at Iyabo Ojo as a result of the temporary release of a pedophile and child molester, Baba Ijesha, then you’re a big fool and a dingbat.

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Yosi Kingdom added: The Baba Ijesha molestation case:

Think of the big picture all the time. Dt Nigga is a risk to society..

From the look of things, it seems like the Nigerians on Twitter isn’t really pleased with the fact that Baba Ijesha got a bail for an offence as sensitive as rape. What do you think?

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