Interesting Reactions From Nigerians as Reps Consider Scrapping NYSC After Bill Reaches The Second Reading

The Nigerian legislative house is considering scrapping the NYSC After the bill reached the second reading. The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a mandatory service for every Nigerian graduate; so mandatory that the certificate is part of the prerequisite needed to get a job from a public or private enterprise. This has been the story for years now.

Over the years, there seem to be no love lost for the scheme by Nigerians. Some Nigerians have described the scheme as obsolete; some believe it has failed to live up to the expectations of its founding father; some feel amidst the insecurity challenges that has bedevilled the nation for more than a decade now, service to one’s fatherland in violent prone areas could be more risky than patriotic.

With the news of a bill to scrap the NYSC reaching the second reading, there has been some interesting reactions from Nigerians on Twitter.

Nefertiti tweeted:When I said scrap the mandatory NYSC, I knew exactly what I was saying. The scheme is now obsolete. And Traveling across Nigeria, is now one of the 1000 Ways to die.

Senator Shehu Sani also had his view. He tweeted via his verified Twitter account:
The NYSC should not be scrapped.Its needed now more than ever before.Many Nigerians have never known anywhere other than their hometown and University town if not for NYSC.Its mandate should be expanded to give participants full military training in the face of insecurity.

Jimmy HQ tweeted: “Let them scrap it. Send every graduate on one month orientation camp where they’ll be thought self defense and economics. At the end multiply their one year stipend and pay them as startup.

The current nysc structure is docile and irrelevant to today’s plights

Another Nigerian called Ebuka tweeted: I’m all for scraping NYSC and all but if the government doesn’t come up with something that can ensure that young grads go dey see steady income then Nigeria will be worse off without NYSC. From my few months serving, that 33k dey save many lives

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What do you think? Do you think the NYSC should be scrapped or restructured?

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