Double Standards? Social Media Agog as Users Compare Treatment of Mr Macaroni to Uduak Akpan

A reminiscence to a few months ago would tell you how humiliated Mr. Macaroni was for leading EndSARS protest this year. He was even stripped naked not minding he was a celebrity or public figure. That was for someone who led a peaceful protest.

Recall the murderer of jobseeker Ini Umoren, Uduak Akpan was interrogated publicly in a relaxed manner as if he was in a press conference. The young murderer didn’t look one bit perturbed or remorsed. This has angered the social media users particularly when early this year,

Mr. Marcaroni was subject of public humiliation for leading a peaceful EndSARS protest, and here we have a murderer being interrogated like a Grammy winner!

Reacting to this, one of the social media users, Wale Adetona, tweeted: Why is that Uduak Akpan guy fully clothed like he was at an album listening party? What’s with the preferential treatment? We were all here when Mr. Macaroni and others were stripped naked and taken to the cell for protesting peacefully.

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Replying to the tweet rather sarcastically, another Nigerian Twitter user, Engr M. J. Gold tweeted: You don’t know how things work around the world. The young man is now famous and the world is interested in him, he is being paraded for international press conference, he doesn’t need to look miserable, he has to look good for the world to see him.

Marcus Uti tweeted: Worst thing is that the suspect is the one telling journalists that the commisioner of police has promised that justice will be served.. Like who prepared the dumb script, I’m mad.. They don’t rate us in this country. This is another Evans case before.

It is clear from the Nigerian Twitter community that everyone is dissatisfied with the way the law is handling the Ini Umoren incident. The question is why would a murderer be treated with kidgloves when a peaceful Endsars protester was humiliated?

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