Buhari questions ‘legality’ of open grazing ban in Southern Nigeria

The Southern Nigeria governors have remained resolute in their attempts to ban open grazing. This decision from Southern governors has been met with vehement opposition from the presidency.

Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari recently questioned the legality of open grazing ban in Southern Nigeria. According to the president, such action is purely unconstitutional as it violates the freedom of association right which the Nigerian constitution upholds.

Frequent clashes between herders from the north and farmers in both the north and south has prompted this drastic action from the Southern governors. The governors two weeks ago reached a consensus to ban open grazing in Southern Nigeria for safety and security concerns.

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The president isn’t too pleased with this this decision and has expressed his dissatisfaction towards it. The President’s spokesman, Garba Shehu made this known. He said: He said, “The citizens of the southern states – indeed citizens of all states of Nigeria – have a right to expect their elected leaders and representatives to find answers to challenges of governance and rights, and not to wash their hands off hard choices by, instead, issuing bans that say: ‘not in my state’.”

The aide noted that the president is more worried than anyone else concerning the issue and is taking decisive steps to ameliorate the situation.

Do you think the Southern governors acted unconstitutionally? Do you support their actions?

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