Armed Men Kidnap 200 Students in Niger State

The latest in a long string of abductions in Nigeria is the recent report about the two hundred students reportedly kidnapped from a school in Niger state.

One person was shot dead while another was seriously wounded during the raid in Islamic school in Tegina, in the central state of Niger.

The armed groups carrying out kidnapping for ransom have carried out a series of raids on schools and universities in northern Nigeria in recent months, abducting more than 700 students for ransom since December.

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“There was an abduction at an Islamic School in Tegina. But we are yet to ascertain the number of students abducted,” Mary Noel Berje, the state governor’s chief press secretary, told Reuters.

A resident, Zayyad Mohammed, said the Salihu Tanko Islamiyya School was built by a retired Immigrations officer.

Recall in February, bandits abducted staff members and students of Government Science College, Kagara.

They were released about 10 days later after ransom payment which the government denied.

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