If Pantami is Removed, Nigeria Will Be Sorry – Sheikh Gumi

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic cleric, has cautioned against Dr. Isa Pantami, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, being shot.

Pantami has faced calls to resign in the past due to his support for terror groups, which he has since renounced.

During an interview with Roots TV, Gumi said that the accusations leveled against the embattled Minister were false and that they should be investigated.

“It is impossible to Islamize the whole planet. Jesus Christ came, but he was unable to convert the whole world to Christianity. Nigeria cannot be Islamized or Christianized by anyone.

“Every single one of his acts demonstrates that he is not a terrorist. Terrorists are attempting to assassinate him. The Minister should keep speaking. His involvement there is a counter-offensive to terrorist ideologies.

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“Tell me about one guy he’s killed. He doesn’t have any.

He has not assassinated anybody. He has not given any orders to kill anybody. Discard the fake news.

“The man is establishing a government among a group of young people, and we want them to come and help develop the nation. They should not discard him. Leave him alone. He is not a supporter of terrorists.

“And you, on the other hand, are battling them. No, it’s not true. You should hire more Isa Pantami (s) and place them in positions of authority. It will settle down. Don’t get rid of him. “You’ll be sorry,” Gumi warned.

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