Wilfried Zaha Becomes First Player to Stop Pre-match Knee

Crystal Palace winger, Wilfried Zaha has on Saturday became the first Premier League player to stop taking the knee before matches.

Zaha chose to keep standing, as the other 21 players knelt before the game against West Brom.

Recall the knee taking started following the global Black Lives Matter movement protest against the racist attacks against the people of colour in the United States immediately after the demise of George Floyd.

The Ivory Coast international feels that an anti-racism message is being lost.

Zaha has insisted he remains committed to the fight, but suggests a fresh approach is required.

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Wilfried Zaha Words

A statement from Zaha explaining his actions read: “My decision to stand at kick-off has been public knowledge for a couple of weeks.

“There is no right or wrong decision, but I feel kneeling has just become a part of the pre-match routine and whether we kneel or stand, some of us continue to receive abuse..

“I know there is a lot of work being done behind the scenes at the Premier League and other authorities to make change, and I fully respect that, and everyone involved.

“I also fully respect my team-mates and players at other clubs who continue to take the knee.

“As a society, I feel we should be encouraging better education in schools, and social media companies should be taking stronger action against people who abuse others online – not just footballers.”

Recall championship sides Brentford and Bournemouth revealed in February that they would no longer be taking part in a pre-match routine that has become commonplace.

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