See What A Yoruba Man Was Spotted Wearing On His Waist in Broad Daylight (PHOTOS)

A photo of a Yoruba man making rounds on social media currently shows a Nigerian man wearing what seems as protection on his waist in broad daylight.

The Yoruba man in the photo obviously was not in the country as the photo reveals as he could be seen closing his luggage while a white man was standing by him.

The charm worn by the man is reportedly called ‘Igbaadi’ in Yoruba which is translated in English as ‘Protection Belt’ and the photo since surfacing on social media has sparked an uproar as many are giving diverse opinions to it.

Could it be a charm? Is this a result of the prevalent insecurity in the country?

Recall a northern governor has called on Nigerians to protect themselves. The Nigeria Minister of Defence has made the same call that Nigerians should rise up and defend themselves in the face of the damning insecurity bedeviling the country.

See more photos of the Yoruba man below;

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 man with waist charm.

The popular Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemo widely referred to as Sunday Igboho has also called on the Yorubas to defend themselves.

If this is as a result of the various calls, then it suffices to say the country is in a precarious mess.

man with waist charm.
 waist charm.
man with waist charm.

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