See How Apostle Suleman Got Third Jet During COVID-19 Lockdown

President of Omega Fire Ministries International Apostle Johnson Suleman has revealed he bought his third jet during the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world.

Suleman further said in a recent sermon that he was praying for the pandemic not to end because he was prospering and resting.

“In COVID (pandemic) I bought a jet; the third one. I have three. I was praying for COVID-19 not to end because I was resting. While people were complaining, my wife asked, ‘Can life be this sweet?’ Am I talking to somebody here?” the preacher said in a video that went viral on Wednesday.

“No stress. I read on the Internet that there’s a rumour going around that I have a machine that prints money. I like that rumour. They say, ‘he should be investigated. He has a machine that prints money.’

“Somebody asked if it’s true and I said it is true. They said, ‘It’s risky o’. I said I didn’t know it’s risky because I already bought the machine. When you speak in tongues, you’re printing money.”

Suleman has been enmeshed in an adultery scandal in recent times with one of his former pastors, Mike Davids, accusing him of sleeping with his wife, an allegation which Suleman has denied.

Davids also wrote a petition to the Corporate Affairs Commission to investigate and suspend Suleman for his stupendous wealth.

How Apostle Suleman Benefit from COVID-19

A recent piece surfaced on the internet showing the list of churches and monies accrued to them during the pandemic by the United States led by Donald Trump.

A US-based writer Michael Harriot had posted a screenshot on Twitter containing a list of several preachers who allegedly benefited from the US government’s loan to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Recall ApostleSuleman is a staunch supporter of Trump. his is the cross-section of the churches and pastors that benefited from Donald Trump Covid19 money.

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Below is image cum video

Apostle Suleman has however denied this report. He wrote; “Just seeing this dime it kobo got to me..if someone scammed you then that’s your business. Get my name out of this rubbish or you will explain.”

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