Only a fool Tries to Prove a Point – Wizkid

Nigerian singer, Ayo Balogun, widely referred to as WIZKID has recently opened up on why he never reacts to controversial stories about him, especially on the social media.

Wizkid has been described severally as one of the few Nigerian celebrities who do not react whenever any controversial story hits the Internet about them. As such, anyone who is conversant with the blogosphere would agree that truly he ignores every controversy that is attached to his brand.

In fact, some fans who have now been tagged Wizkid FC, preoccupied with the amplification and defence of anything Wizkid online can attest this truth about him.

The singer during an interview with ThisDay Style was asked why he doesn’t care to address such stories considering his position in the society and music industry.

The father of three said he doesn’t care when such stories come up on the internet about him because only a stupid man goes around trying to prove a point to the world.

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He further revealed that in such situations, one never gets to please everyone and should never live off people’s opinions.

“I think once you understand your true essence nothing moves you.

“People’s opinion will also not matter. I believe I’m more of a private person and I choose to handle situations that way.

“Only a foolish man goes around trying to prove a point to people who do not really care,” he said.

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