Ban Herdsmen Relocation to Southern Nigeria – Ganduje

The Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, has advocated a ban on the relocation of herdsmen from the North to Southern Nigeria. Ganduje has recently been one of the vocal leaders in the Northern part of Nigeria speaking against the herders.

The governor stated that such action would douse tension and stop attacks and reprisals, especially in the Southern Nigeria.

Recall the NG Times reported that some cattle invaded Nobel Laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka property.

In an interview with BBC, Ganduje reminded Nigerians that some herders were from outside the country.

Ganduje also listed “three categories” of Fulani: The Fulani people, the herders, and foreign Fulani herders involved in criminal acts.

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“The moment a foreign Fulani herder invades Nigeria and commits a crime, he would be considered as Nigerian Fulani. We need to ban them from entering Nigeria”, he said.

“Secondly, herders travelling from the north to south should be banned. Those saying they should not be banned from trekking to the southern part of the country for grazing should use their children.”

Noting that grazing is a national issue, Ganduje urged the National Assembly to come up with a bill to resolve recurring farmer-herder clashes.

On his administration’s efforts, the Kano helmsman cited ongoing projects in Falgore forest and Dansoshiya forest.

The governor disclosed that there would be accommodation for Fulani and facility for their cattle to address open grazing.

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