Donald Trump Has Ended Coronavirus Pandemic – White House

Despite fact that the U.S. has set records for new daily infections and numerous hospitals across the country are stretched to their breaking points, ”the White House science office listed ‘ending the coronavirus pandemic’ as the top accomplishment of President Trump’s first term.

This is coming just a few days to the United States presidential election where Americans will be expected to exercise their franchise to choose between the Incumbent, Donald Trump and former Vice President, Joe Biden

In a press statement released to highlight the administration’s science accomplishments, the Trump administration said it “has taken decisive actions to engage scientists and health professionals in academia, industry, and government to understand, treat, and defeat the disease.”

The rosy outlook flies in the face of reality, and underscores the efforts of Trump to continuously try to downplay the severity of the coronavirus pandemic that continues to rage nearly uncontrolled across the country. 

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As of Tuesday, more than 226,000 people in the U.S. have died from coronavirus. The seven-day average of new cases is nearly 70,000, a record number that is only expected to get worse. Hospitalizations and deaths are also climbing steadily upward. According to the COVID Tracking Project, there are more than 42,000 people hospitalized with coronavirus, up from about 30,000 just a month ago.

Meanwhile, Trump has been holding rallies with thousands of people and minimal physical distancing or mask-wearing. He says the country is “rounding the turn,” has attacked the media for focusing too much on coronavirus and claimed the rise in cases is merely because the U.S. is testing more people.

The office of Vice President Pence is dealing with a coronavirus outbreak a week before the election, and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is under fire for saying the country is not going to control the virus.

Public health experts say that as the fall and winter progress, the situation is going to get much worse. Former Food and Drug Administration chief Scott Gottlieb said on CNBC Monday that the U.S. was at a “tipping point” of exponential spread in much of the country.

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