Social Media Users React as Young, Black & Lit Donates Books

📸Credit: Young, Black & Lit

Following damning reality about the unavailability of books with Black main characters to children in the Chicagoland area, Krenice Roseman and his team rise to the occasion to make the difference.

After becoming frustrated at the lack of Black title characters in children’s literature, Krenice Roseman started Young, Black & Lit.

It is a nonprofit that provides books that feature Black main characters to children.

The organization has distributed more than 5,000 books with Black main characters to children in the Chicagoland area through book fairs, community groups and schools.

When a child sees themselves reflected in the books that they read, when the books are a mirror to them, they feel valued,” Roseman said.

However, some social media users have criticized the gesture. They branded it with all sorts of name calling.

Below are a few comments;

camilonomas: They are fighting against racism with more racism.

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miggy_smallz8: Imagine the opposite 😂😂😂 Left would lose their minds and start another pseudo bs movement

dragantreskanica: You are so fucking boring with BLM

latitude88south: No one cares about BLM

love.shanicka: @latitude88south Yet you’re here barking in the comments about how much you don’t care, Yea ok.

savage_sauce407: The riots won’t matter The looting won’t matter The mail-in ballot scamming won’t matter. And they know it. Conservatives have the Supreme Court. Now we sit back and observe the last squeals of the dying animal that is the Marxist Left.🇺🇸✊🏾🔥

(📸:: Young, Black & Lit)

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