Man Receives Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max in Computer Village

A young man has again fallen victim of scam at Computer Village in Ikeja area of Lagos where he had gone to purchase a smart phone.

In a viral video already making the rounds on social media, a man could be seen asking the victim where he bought the iPhone, which he described as Vitamin C pro max.

The fake samrt phone was sold to the unsuspecting victim for the sum of N100,000 and it appears that the furious man who could be seen in the video had sent him the iPhone 11 pro max.

It should be noted that Computer Village is notorious for phone theft and scam and a lot of unsuspecting victims have fallen victim of the criminality going on in this popular market.

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See video below

There were instances where people had gone to buy phones in Computer Village but on getting home, they discovered that they had been sold phones stuffed with fufu.

People who usually fall victim of buying fake phones are those patronising touts hawking these gadgets because they are usually cheap compared to the ones sold in shops.

This is seemingly untrue, because when you consider the price of iPhone 11 Pro Max above, it far below the actual price. This however does not rule the fact that people should be wary of where and who they approach to make purchase in the popular Computer Village market.

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