Project Power: Hollywood Actress Dominique Fishback Celebrates Idols (Photo)

Dominique Fishback stars as “Robin” in the highly anticipated movie, Project Power. This movie hits NetFlix a few days ago and is now no. 1 on the movie streaming platform.

Recall Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a chat with Collider, Gordon-Levitt revealed his special character is young girl Robin in Project Power. While talking about their relationship, the actor revealed how much he cherishes his co-star, Dominque Fishback.

“She’s my favorite part of this movie,” Gordon-Levitt said. “Anybody out there who’s into movies and acting and who’s interested in an up and coming talent, you have to check out Project Power just to see Dominique Fishback.”

Fishback had earlier to celebrated her idols, Jamie Foxx and Gordon-Levitt on her Instgaram page.

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She wrote; “BATMAN & ROBIN. Who else gets a Batman like mine 😩💪🏾 @iamjamiefoxx I almost feel like I’m in a dream but thats because one of my biggest dreams have come true. Thank you all for making our movie #1 on @netflix @netflixfilm 😳❤️💪🏾😭
#jamiefoxxandMe #projectpower #heroinewithathousandsfaces

She further wrote; “Growing up I would watch movies like “Man on fire” with Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning. “Leon, The professional”with Natalie Portman and I would dream and pray and journal that one day I could take up space like that. How blessed to not only get one super hero but two? How blessed am I that I get to work along side Joseph Gordon- Levitt?? Sheesh. When I saw his name on the page I near bout fainted ❤️😅🥺💪🏾 @hitrecordjoe #projectpower”

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